Video: Old Rugged Cross

cross Old Rugged Cross

We'd like to share this special version of 'Old Rugged Cross' with you on this Easter Day.


Johnny decides to do this version in the middle of the show without the band knowing. It was taped in Des Moines in 1984.


'Sometimes I have to do what I feel like doing. When I came out of the intensive care, I found myself (give me the key of E Earl), I found myself singing this song. And I had my eyes closed. And it reminded me of a time I did this song for as person who is afflicted. And to do this song with some of the language with the language of the deaf, adds another element to it and I thought of this song as I was singing it to myself with my eyes closed that first day out of intensive care. On a hill.....'



Happy Easter everyone.

Biography: Overview
Unreleased until now: Love is a Gambler (1987)


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