Show 3, August 16, 2014

Show 3, August 16, 2014

CASHback is a wild, weekly boom-chicka-booming ride through history like you have never experienced. What's a CASHback you ask?  If a flashback is a vivid memory of the past, when those memories are of the life and times of Johnny Cash, we call them CASHbacks. Only on CASHback can you find the stories and songs, the legends and the lore, the history and the hijinks, the sessions and the songs – all residing next to each other. Only a show like CASHback is big enough (even if just barely) to hold  Johnny Cash and his legendary friends, inspirations, and their true stories of the songs to fit.


"Come Along and Ride This Train"


Each episode features a musical history lesson in the people and the places and, of course, the music that made the man in Black the Man. This week, our train features stops that recount the life and times of Elvis Presley and Davy Crockett.

"On the Record"


This segment features the details behind the recording of some of Cash's biggest (and most obscure) recordings. This week’s song is “Cajun Born.”


"On the Charts"


This segment features the charted hits of Johnny Cash. This week, “Georgia on a Fast Train” is on the charts.


"On the Road"


This segment presents a song from a Johnny Cash concert recording out along the road that Cash took from the cotton fields to the hall of fame. This week, Cash is at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. performing “God Bless Robert E. Lee.”



"Gospel Time"


When he arrived at Sun Studios, Johnny Cash introduced himself to Sam Phillips as "Johnny Cash, gospel singer."  This segment highlights the gospel (and music) side of Johnny Cash. This week’s gospel song is “Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord)?”


At the conclusion of each episode’s first run on Johnny Cash Radio, it will be available for download at



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Johnny Cash's Top 10 Songwriters
Show 2, August 9, 2014


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