Readers great 70s recordings

Readers great 70s recordings

Reader's Digest has released the box set Johnny Cash: The Great Seventies Recordings. Included are the albums:


Hello I'm Johnny Cash
The Johnny Cash Show
Man In Black
A Thing Called Love
Any Old Wind That Blows
One Piece At A Time plus a greatest hits disc and rarities disc.


Track List:


Disc 1: Hits, Singles & Unreleased Recordings
01. What Is Truth
02. Flesh And Blood
03. A Little Bit Of Yesterday
04. No Need To Worry
05. Children
06. Lady Came From Baltimore
07. Look At Them Beans
08. It’s All Over
09. I Would Like To See You Again
10. There Ain’t No Good Chain Gang
11. (Ghost) Riders In The Sky
12. Keep Me From Blowing Away (previously unreleased)
13. Beautiful Memphis (previously unreleased)
14. Temptation (previously unreleased)
15. Kate (previously unreleased alternate version)
16. Navajo (previously unreleased alternate version)
17. House On The Hill (from PBS Sampler)
18. Doesn’t Anybody Know My Name (from PBS Sampler)
19. Miller’s Cave (from PBS Sampler)
20. I Never Got To Know Him Very Well (from PBS Sampler)
21. The Lily Of The Valley (previously unreleased)


Disc 2: Hello, I’m Johnny Cash/The Johnny Cash Show
01. Southwind
02. Devil To Pay
03. Cause I Love You
04. See Ruby Fall
05. Route No 1 Box 144
06. Sing A Traveling Song
07. If I Were A Carpenter
08. To Beat The Devil
09. Blistered
10. Wrinkled Crinkled Wadded Dollar Bill
11. I’ve Got A Thing About Trains
12. Jesus Was A Carpenter
13. Sunday Morning Coming Down
14. Come Along And Ride This Train: Six Days On The Road/There Ain’t No Easy Run/Sailor On A Concrete Sea
15. These Hands
16. I’m Gonna Try To Be That Way
17. Come Along And Ride This Train: Mississippi Delta Land/Detroit City/Uncloudy Day/No Setting Sun/Mississippi
18. Delta Land
19. Here Was A Man


Disc 3: Man In Black/A Thing Called Love
01. Preacher Said Jesus Said
02. Orphan Of The Road
03. You’ve Got A New Light Shining In Your Eyes
04. If Not For Love
05. Man In Black
06. Singin’ In Vietnam Talkin’ Blues
07. Ned Kelly
08. Look For Me
09. Dear Mrs
10. I Talk To Jesus Every Day
11. Kate
12. Melva’s Wine
13. Thing Called Love
14. I Promise You
15. Papa Was A Good Man
16. Tear Stained Letter
17. Mississippi Sand
18. Daddy
19. Arkansas Lovin’ Man
20. Miracle Man


Disc 4: Any Old Wind That Blows/One Piece At A Time
01. Any Old Wind That Blows
02. Kentucky Straight
03. Loving Gift
04. Good Earth
05. Best Friend
06. Oney
07. Ballad Of Annie Palmer
08. Too Little Too Late
09. If I Had A Hammer
10. Country Trash
11. Welcome Back Jesus
12. Let There Be Country
13. One Piece At A Time
14. In A Young Girl’s Mind
15. Mountain Lady
16. Michigan City Howdy Do
17. Sold Out Of Flagpoles
18. Committed To Parkview
19. Daughter Of A Railroad Man
20. Love Has Lost Again
21. Go On Blues

Available HERE

"Johnny Cash" (1994)
The Johnny Cash Project


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