Marshall Grant passed away

Marshall Grant passed away

Marshall Grant, the bassist of singer Johnny Cash's original backing duo, the Tennessee Two, has died at the age of 83 on August 6th. Grant also served as road manager for Cash and his touring show company.

Rosanne Cash, Johnny's daughter, tweeted:

  • Marshall Grant, original of Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two, died lst nt. Grateful I was w/ him last 2 days. Boom Chicka Boom, old friend.
  • So grateful I was w/ Marshall Grant last 2 days of his life. He was my 'back-up dad'. Lot of bass players owe him a debt.
  • He was meant to be on Jonesboro show Thurs; came to rehearsal. Played his bass on stage 1 last time, with so many friends.
  • Marshall used to say 'if you want the REAL story, ask ME!'. Truth.
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