International fans wanted for new project

International fans wanted for new project

Jonathan Silverman (writer of 'Nine Choices: Johnny Cash and American Culture') and Michael Hinds and are starting a new project about Johnny Cash's international appeal. They would love it if you international fans can answer it!

1. When did you become a fan?

2. Why do you love Johnny Cash?

3. In what ways do you think of Johnny Cash as an American?

4. Are there other musicians you feel similarly about?

5. What are some words you would use to describe Johnny Cash?

6. Are you aware of other fans of Cash, do you perceive of yourself as part of a group? Or is your relationship with Johnny Cash more personal?

7. Have you ever seen Him perform live? Or on TV? Or is your relationship with his music through records, tapes and CDs alone?

8. Do you like all of his music equally? Or are there particular albums or phases of Cash’s career that you love?

9. Are there parts of his music or career that you do not like?

10. How do you view the way in which Cash has been represented after his death?

11. Have you ever performed a Johnny Cash song as an artist? Did you record such performance?

12. Is there anything that you would like to add?

13. Will you allow your answers into our study?


You can send your answers to

Def Americans' Johnny Cash Memorial in Eindhoven, ...
Man Gave Names to All the Animals (1981)


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