Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash

On March 5 2011 Bo Lozoff sings the work of American Music Legend, with special guest Starr Kalahiki as June Carter, in the Oahu premiere of "Johnny Cash Bash" at the Venue, 1144 Bethel St. in downtown Honolulu. 


Armed with a soulful, deep voice, Lozoff is earning the reputation around the Big Island as "that country singer who sounds just like Johnny Cash," which is a complement to Lozoff because he idolized Cash growing up as a child. Lozoff explains, "When I was growing up in the 1950's, Elvis was the hero of every southern boy, but everyone would laugh when I would try to sing Elvis songs because even from a very young age, my voice was very deep. In 1959 I heard Johnny Cash sing 'Five Feet High and Rising,' and I could sing along with him almost like I was his twin, and that's when I realized that I had to do this." Lozoff's voice is so much like Cash's, he was invited to play Johnny Cash's personal guitar in a special performance at the Martin Guitar Museum in 2007.


Bo Lozoff's Cash tribute concert is not impersonation show, but a celebration the body of work of Johnny Cash. Lozoff just happens to sound like Johnny Cash; it's not intentional, and that's a reason these shows are such a hit.

With life experiences that derive from his adventures from the Deep South to the South Pacific, Bo Lozoff has combined his talent of writing and singing to produce three CD's: "Stumbling Toward the Light," "Whatever It Takes," and his latest CD, "Eyes So Soft," are all of original creations. From his CD's Lozoff has received recognition and awards from the Billboard World Music competition for a few songs. Along with his success in the music competition scene Lozoff is following in the footsteps of his idol Johnny Cash, as he explains, "I have also played in hundreds of prisons around the world, and I am presently getting final approval for my next album to be 'Bo Lozoff & Friends LIVE AT FOLSOM PRISON.' It looks like the officials at Folsom are going to allow me to record there in the fall, and it will be the first such live recording since Johnny Cash's legendary 'Live at Folsom Prison' album in 1968."


Lozoff's fans and admirers range from Outlaw Biker Magazine, which called him "one righteous dude," to his Holiness the Dalai Lama, who has written forewords to two of Lozoff's books. Lozoff is an accomplished singer/songwriter with three CDs, "Stumbling Toward The Light" (1986), "Whatever It Takes" (2004), and "Eyes So Soft" (2006).


Lozoff is teaming up with local songstress Starr Kalahiki, for the songs that include June Carter. Starr is well known around Oahu, and has been singing for listening audiences for as long as she can remember.  From church to Hawaii Opera Theatre Chorus, to 'Ulalena on Maui, to modern alternative rock band "Missing Dave," to R&B band "Eight-eight," to jazz singer on the cruise ship, "Star of Honolulu". She has found her musical accomplice in pianist/arranger/composer Kit Ebersbach and has the privilege of making magical music with him Thursdays at Uncle's Fishmarket and Grill.

Although he is relatively new to the Hawaii, Lozoff is quickly becoming a familiar face on the local music scene of east Hawaii Island. Wasting no time relaxing in paradise, he has played at local spots like the Aloha Outpost in Pahoa, Uncle Robert's 'Awa Bar with Ernie Cruz Sr. and his son John Cruz in Kalapana, the Maku'u Farmers Market near Pahoa, and many other venues. His 'Johnny Cash Birthday Bash' concerts have been selling out there, so its high time it made its way over to Oahu.



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