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Catalog Number
  • FC 39951
  • Columbia
  • Produced by Chips Moman.

    Apart from the 'duet' albums "Highwayman" (with Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson) and "Heroes" (with Waylon Jennings) this was Cash's last album for Columbia Records before he signed with Mercury.

    Outtakes include Old Lonesome, Kristofferson's Love is the Way (re-recorded with Waylon Jennings for "Heroes"), Maybe You Should Have Been Listening and American by Birth (re-recorded with Waylon Jennings for "Heroes") as well as The Three Bells and They Killed Him which were released as a single.

    Here Comes That Rainbow Again was performed regularly in concert in 1985 and Unwed Fathers is known to have been performed at least once (at a concert at Chicago's Brookfield Zoo in the summer of '85). Otherwise Cash didn't promote Rainbow a lot on stage.

    Reissue history for Rainbow:

    1. Reissued for download by Columbia/Legacy in April of 2010.

    2. Released on CD for the first time as part of the "The Complete Columbia Album Collection" in December 2012. The disc comes in a cardboard replica of the original album artwork.

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