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Children's Album
Catalog Number
  • C 32898
  • Columbia
  • Reissue history for Children's Album:

    1. Reissued on CD by Bear Family Records in 1999 along with June Carter's "Appalachian Pride" album as "It's All In The Family" (BCD 16132). Included were six previously unreleased bonus tracks: 1. The Mystery of Number Five, 2. Ben Dewberry's Final Run, 3. Grandfather's Clock, 4. Ah Bos Cee Dah (as Abacida), 5. Why Is A Fire Engine Red and 6. The Very Biggest Circus Of Them All. The Bear Family edition includes new liner notes written by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash.

    2. Reissued on CD by Columbia/Legacy in 2006 as part of their Family Artist Series (82876 81328 2). This version included four bonus tracks: 1. The Story Of The Bear In The Woods (previously released on "30!!! Years Bear Family Records" (BCD 17015 PR)), 2. Grandfather's Clock (previously released on "It's All In The Family" (BCD 16132)), 3. Ah Bos Cee Dah (previously released on "It's All In The Family" (BCD 16132)), 4. Why Is A Fire Engine Red (previously released on "It's All In The Family" (BCD 16132)). The 2006 edition includes new liner notes by John Carter Cash.

    3. Released for download by Columbia/Legacy.


    The "Children's Album" was recorded at various sessions between 1971 and 1973, which makes it difficult to talk about outtakes from this album. Potentially thematically similar songs recorded at the same time, however, includes 1. Watermelon Song, 2. Billy Goat Song, 3. Do You Love Jesus, Jesus Loves Me, 4. Sunday Go To Meeting Suit, 5. Little Green Men. All of which remain unreleased. Another outtake, The Story Of The Bear In The Woods was included on a 2005 promotional box set released to commemorate Bear Family's 30th Anniversary (all songs on the box had to do with "bears"). The song was later included on Columbia's own reissue of "Children's Album" as well.

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