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  • Five CD Box set including 4 cds of never before heard recordings plus Best Of Cash On American disc and a cloth bound 104 page book.Recorded between 1993 and 2003.Manufactured and marketed by Lost Highway. Distributed by Universal Music & Video Distributi
Catalog Number
  • B0001679-02
  • Lost Highway
  • A five CD collection of outtakes from the American, Unchained, Solitary Man and The Man Comes Around sessions, including an acoustic gospel album - "My Mother's Hymn Book" - recorded in the fall of 1993 during the sessions that led to "American Recordings". "My Mother's Hymn Book" was first mentioned in an issue of the Acoustic Guitar magazine in 2001 or 2002 where it appeared to be a newly recorded album. The fifth CD is a best of compilation, however, the version of Thirteen included here is different from the released album version.

    "Unearthed" was not released in Europe until early 2004, as American Recordings/Lost Highway apparently couldn't meet demand on the North American market.

    Reissue history for Unearthed:

    The Unearthed CD box was a limited edition set, and unlike the regular American albums it was not reissued as American changed distributors.

    1. Released for download by American Recordings/Universal.

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