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Look At Them Beans
Edition details
  • Producer Don Davis / Charlie Bragg
Catalog Number
  • KC 33814
  • Columbia
  • Beautiful Memphis, an outtake from the Look At Them Beans sessions, was released on Reader's Digest's "Great Seventies Recordings" boxset. Other outtakes - all unreleased - includes On The Way Home and Strawberry Cake (this song was performed at concerts in 1975, including at the London Palladium in September, it became the title track on 1976's "Strawberry Cake" live album).

    The liner notes were written by June Carter.

    Reissue history for Look At Them Beans:

    1. Released for download by Columbia/Legacy in April of 2010.

    2. Released on CD by Columbia/Legacy in December 2012 on "The Complete Columbia Album Collection.

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