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Johnny Cash Sings Precious Memories
Catalog Number
  • C 33087
  • Columbia
  • "...This album is dedicated to my late brother, Jack D. Cash:

    Dear Jack,

    We lost you one sad day in May 1944. I was twelve years old. Some of these songs were the songs that we sang at your funeral. As you were dying, you gave us a description of heaven and singing angels. Could these be some of the songs that the angels were singing? See you later.

    Your little brother, J.R. ..."

    The remaining liner notes were written by David Allan Coe.


    A Columbia Reference Recordings acetate surfaced in 2006 - this test pressing contained all the masters recorded during the "Precious Memories" sessions that took place on July 17-18, 1974, including two previously unreleased outtakes; Lily Of The Valley and Are You Washed In The Blood - the former was included on Reader's Digest's "The Great Seventies Recordings" in 2010 while the latter remains officially unreleased. In early 2013 a House Of Cash 1/4-inch reel-to-reel tape containing the first six songs from the album surfaced on eBay, the tape did not include any new material.


    Reissue history for Precious Memories:

    1. Reissued on CD by Reader's Digest Music as part of their "Timeless Inspiration" box set.

    2. Reissued on CD by S&R Music in 2001 paired with "Hymns By Johnny Cash".

    3. Released for download by Columbia/Legacy in April 2010.

    4. Released on CD by Columbia/Legacy in 2012 on "The Complete Columbia Album Collection" with the disk housed in a cardboard replica of the original album artwork.

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