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Johnny Cash På Österåker
Catalog Number
  • 88697 23524 2
  • Columbia
  • Recorded live on October 3, 1972 at the Österåker Prison near Stockholm, Sweden. The title "På ôsteråker" simply means "At Österåker" in Swedish.

    Originally released only in Sweden on CBS (Columbia) Records. Only two songs from the album - Orleans Parish Prison and Jacob Green were released in the USA - on a 45 rpm single - although at a press conference in November 1983 in Norrköping, Sweden Cash said he was trying to pursuade Columbia to release the album in the US (which didn't happen).

    Two songs were performed twice at the concert, Orleans Parish Prison and Nobody Cared. The lyrics to San Quentin were changed, so Cash would sing 'Österåker' in stead of 'San Quentin'. 

    Reissue history for "På Österåker":

    Reissued on LP as "Inside A Swedish Prison" by Bear Family Records in the early 1980's.

    Reissued on CD by Columbia/Legacy in Sweden in October 2007 and everywhere else in early 2008. This "35th Anniversary Edition" restores several songs which were left off the original release. For unknown reasons Columbia chose to use the alternate take (not an edited version!) of Orleans Parish Prison. The alternate Nobody Cared remains unreleased.

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