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The Complete Columbia Album Collection
  • Columbia/Legacy
  • When in the mid and late 90's Johnny Cash found levels of popularity unseen since the very early 70's only a few of his old Columbia albums had been released on CD - while there was an abundance of compilation albums, the original albums were gravely overlooked (compare this to Bob Dylan whose backcatalog had all been released on CD and all but one were still in print). The German reissue-label Bear Family Records (in collaboration with Sony Music's special products division) had released the majority of Cash's recordings up till 1969, but these were presented primarily in chronological order and not reflecting the original albums.

    Over the years many, many fans have been asking for reissues of the Columbia albums, but it would take Sony almost twenty years to get around to releasing the whole album-catalog. But now it is here - every one of the albums Cash recorded for Columbia along with the single releases which didn't appear on any of the LPs. 

    The set includes 63 CDs. The first 19 albums are presented in their original mono mixes (with corresponding mono-LP-replica covers). Included is also "Keep on the Sunny Side", an album Cash recorded with the Carter Family in the early 1960's. 

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