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Bootleg Vol. 4: The Soul Of Truth
  • Columbia/Legacy
  • Compilation produced by Steve Berkowitz and Greg Geller.

    The fourth installment in Columbia/Legacy's bootleg series brings a couple of long out of print gospel albums back in print, along with a previously unreleased and untitled gospel album recorded in late 1975.

    1975 was a gigantic year for Cash releases with "John R Cash", "Look At Them Beans", "Sings Precious Memories", "The Children's Album" and the special "Destination Victoria Station" (made exclusively for the restaurant chain) all seeing release that year (although some had been recorded earlier). Throughout the year Cash would tour both North America and Europe (where a couple of shows in London were recorded for release the following year) and then in October and December he found the time to record his best gospel album since 1969's "Holy Land". An album which - had it been released - would have been one of Cash's best albums of the decade. Why it never saw the light of day is a mystery, but much thanks to Sony for finally giving us the chance to hear it (two tracks from it has appeared in recent years, Sanctified on the Wallmart-edition of "Ultimate Gospel" and Keep Me From Blowing Away on the "Great Seventies Recordings" boxset.)

    The set also includes the complete "A Believer Sings the Truth" album, along with the outtakes that were used on the "I Believe" compilation, as well as the only unreleased outtake from the sessions. The rest of "Bootleg 4" is filled up by the "Believe in Him" album as well as a good handful of outtakes. This album was apparently supposed to have been released on a Columbia sublabel as "Gospel Singer" - and indeed Cash promoted it on stage in late 1983, even calling it by this title. For some reason the album didn't appear for another couple of years, and when it did it was on Word Records where it had been given a new title.

    Altogther "The Soul of Truth" is a very good collection of some of Cash's more obscure (even if "A Believer Sings the Truth" was an important, personal project for Cash) gospel recordings, and it shouldn't be skipped solely because of its sacred theme.

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