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Destination Victoria Station
Catalog Number
  • VS 150
  • Columbia Special Products
  • "Destination Victoria Station" was released via CBS' special products division and not directly on Columbia as Cash's regular albums were. The LP was originally sold through the Victoria Station restaurant chain. Most of the songs on this LP are re-recordings of Cash's older train songs - with only two new songs, Destination Victoria Station (about London's Victoria Station) and John Henry (while based on the same story as The Legend Of John Henry's Hammer it comes with new lyrics and is noticably different from Cash's earlier version - in concert in the 1980s Cash would occasionally perform this "new" version of the song.) The version of Folsom Prison Blues included here is the live version from the "At Folsom Prison" album. In September of 1975 the title song was done in concert at The Palladium in London, England and was later included on the "Strawberry Cake" live album.

    Reissue history for Destination Victoria Station:

    1. Bear Family "reissued" the LP at some point in the late 1970s or early 1980s, meaning that they bought Columbia's remaining stock and added a Bear Family Records sticker to the cover before they sold the records through their mail order service (For their other Cash LP reissues Bear Family would create new covers - the vinyl disks were always manufactured by Columbia via that label's special products division).

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